Overcoming the Procrastination Penalty


Fitness professionals provide benefits to clients in so many ways. Not only do you help them transform their lives, but you help them build good habits. You provide a structure for them to get the instruction and encouragement they need to build a healthier body. Another critical way you help people is to overcome the devastating effects of the procrastination penalty.

Procrastination is an enemy that most of us deal with on a regular basis. This is especially true when it comes to fitness. I am sure you can relate countless experiences with clients and their struggles with procrastination. I remember story after story where clients would pour their hearts out about their desire to get into shape. They had tried books, videos, different gyms, and different training methods without success. They were frustrated with themselves and had almost given up hope.

It is always fulfilling to help people overcome those mental barriers and find a way to succeed. As a fitness professional, you find ways to get past the cycle of procrastination and help move people forward. However, I want to ask you a personal question regarding your money.  Are you paying the procrastination penalty with your finances?

Procrastination and Your Money

A lot of people struggle with taking control of their finances. It is not exactly a fun activity for most and there is a lot of emotional issues to overcome. When it comes to savings and investing, too many people have a “wait until tomorrow” mentality. I talk to young people all of the time who see no need to start saving money and have no desire to invest it either. I wish I had a dollar to invest for every time I’ve given a speech about my personal regrets!

The reality of money is that the earlier you start saving and investing, the greater returns you will receive. The math is always compelling when you show people the price they pay for waiting too long to get started. The good news is that it really is never too late to start. I have worked with some older clients and helped them get a solid strategy in place in order to help them prepare for their retirement years.

Make It Enjoyable

One way you help keep clients motivated to exercise is helping them to gain enjoyment. While they may never have a love affair with physical fitness, they do fall in love with the results. Some people will admit they do it solely for the health benefits, otherwise they would never even bother. I try to preach the same message with money. You may not enjoy the many aspects of personal financial matters, but there are ways to change that attitude.

The first recommendation is to figure out what goals you have for your money. It is always a wonderful feeling when you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Look back on your career and see how goals have motivated you and your clients. In order to become a fitness professional, you set goals. In order for a client to succeed and achieve a milestone, you worked with them to set goals. Success with money works the exact same way. You need to have a plan and a target.

Be Consistent

Consistency is another powerful weapon against procrastination. The best fitness programs in existence are the ones that help people build good habits. Most people spend so much mental energy on what they should do that they miss the opportunity to actually do it! People with good habits know they cannot miss workouts or take too many cheat meals. They make exercise and nutrition a priority in their lives. By following the example of a good fitness instructor, they learn how to take better care of themselves and participant in activities that provide both short and long term benefit.

Financial success is achieved the same way. Consistency means building good habits with your money. It is learning to save a portion of your earnings on a regular basis. Perhaps it is showing discipline and saving up for a big purchase instead of simply putting it on credit. It is understanding the ramifications of your financial decisions and how they relate your goals.

Make It Convenient

Great fitness instructors have the ability to take some complicated exercises and teach them in a way that makes it convenient for their clients. They also have a method to help clients keep it simple yet achieve the powerful benefits of physical fitness. With solid preparation and a blueprint for success, they are able to make it easier for a client to get exactly what they need to achieve their goals.

Many people are afraid of taking control of their money and developing a solid financial plan. One of the big fears is that it is an overly complicated, time consuming process. The reality is that good financial planning does not have to be overly difficult. As a professional, I help people on a daily basis with their money so they can focus on their career and other obligations.

I apply the same principles to implement a personalized financial strategy. The goal is always to take what can be a complicated process and make it as convenient as possible. When you take the time to set meaningful financial goals, it requires effort to implement the plan. However, once that initial effort is made, you too can get exactly what you need to reach financial success. It is well worth the effort!

Focus on the End Result

It is inevitable to encounter some ups and downs on the road to success. This is just a natural part of life and one that we have to accept. Whether you are working to shed 20 pounds or save additional money for retirement, setbacks are inevitable. The important thing is how we react to these events. If you keep the end goal in mind, it will help to quickly overcome these brief complications.

When you work with a client, it is normal to encounter events that bring disappointment. Perhaps their weight loss goal isn’t happening fast enough. It is possible that they are having trouble overcoming bad eating habits. Whatever the situation, it is important to help them to take positive steps to get past these issues and focus on what they want the outcome to be. It really is a combination of taking it one day at a time, while keeping the big picture in front of you.

Financial goals should be handled the same way. Sometimes unexpected expenses come up right as were getting close to paying off an old debt. You may still struggle with impulse spending and occasionally buy something you really shouldn’t have at the time. Instead of beating yourself up and going right back to old habits, think about the big picture and continue to improve. It takes time to implement meaningful changes into our lives and we have to understand we’re all human.

Persistence Defeats Procrastination

Procrastination can be very difficult to overcome. However, you are especially equipped with the tools to defeat this old enemy. You help people overcome the negative effects of procrastination on a regular basis. If you have been putting off taking firm control of your finances, the time to start is right now.

The procrastination penalty affects people in so many ways. Missed opportunities, health problems, and financial difficulties are just a few examples to consider. It is always difficult to listen to people talk about regrets and wonder why they could not take better control of their situation. When it comes to your money, make sure you take the initiative to creating a brighter future. If you consistently apply the points we’ve discussed, I know you can reach a new level of fitness for your finances!

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