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BFM 011: Money Your Best Frenemy

Let’s talk about the best “frenemy” in your life – money! Your relationship with money can change forever when you decide who is in charge!

BFM 010: Overcoming the Art of Self-Deception

In this episode, I discuss being honest with yourself and coping with the art of self-deception! This is a fascinating topic when it comes to your fitness – physical and financial! Here is some reading for your reference: Money and the Art of Self-Deception Being Honest with Yourself is Hard  

BFM 009: Finding Success in the Age of Information Overload

Finding Success In the Age of Information Overload! This episode discusses the amazing amount of information available to us. You will read a variety of opinions on any subject imaginable. Find out ways to make decisions that work best for your circumstances.

BFM 007: Working Through Sticking Points

Episode #7 of the podcast will address sticking points and how to work through them! Whether it’s going for a personal record on a lift, losing those last few pounds, or achieving financial goals, sticking points can be frustrating. I’ll discuss some tips and advice on how to break through in 2018!

BFM 005: The Qualities of Financial Muscle

The attributes we need to achieve physical fitness apply to our finances as well. In this episode I discuss the key qualities you need to achieve success for your body and your wallet!

BFM 004: Benefits of a Financial Workout Partner

A workout partner can help take you to the next level of fitness. The same is true with your finances!  I’ll discuss the reasons you need a financial workout partner to help you achieve your financial goals!