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Getting financially fit is a challenge. It shares so many qualities with good physical fitness. Imagine this scene in your head –  It is another new year and you have decided that it is finally time. You are sick of that sluggish feeling and know you want to lose a few pounds.  The determination is strong to take control of your diet, exercise regularly, and give your health the attention it deserves.

Money is the other area of concern. You are fed up with being in debt and feeling disorganized. It is so frustrating wondering where exactly your money goes every month. You are nervous because you know you have not saved enough for the future. Almost daily, you see your friends and family struggle with their finances and it is a scary feeling. You have tried New Years’ Resolutions. Perhaps you even worked with a personal trainer for a short time and saw some progress. You have had gym memberships in the past. The crowd in January is so big that you thought better to wait until things slowed down to really get serious. Then, life got in the way and you quit going – period.

Financially Fit – How Can It Be Done?

You look back and wonder why you cannot stick with fitness goals and resolutions. Are you lacking patience in building new habits? Are you trying to do too much at the beginning and feeling overwhelmed?  Whatever the reasons, it leaves you feeling frustrated and wondering why you cannot stick with things long term.

Unfortunately, many of us have the same relationship with our finances. I know you have good intentions and have determination to make meaningful changes. However, you just have not found a way to follow through. You feel the same way about money as you do with fitness. Those similar feelings of frustration settle in and you wonder how to fix it.

Financially Fit for a Lifetime

Overcoming Barriers to Getting Financially Fit

As a financial planner and a personal trainer, I see so many similarities between maintaining physical health and achieving financial wellness. Combining my two main passions, I want to provide a platform for people like you who the commitment to getting mastery over their money and building financial muscle.While there are things you can do to quickly improve areas of your finances, remember that like most things in life it takes time and discipline to achieve long term success. Give yourself credit for wanting to take positive action.

Just like our health, our financial fitness is critical to our well-being. That doesn’t mean we have to focus on getting rich, piling up a fortune, and building a love for money at all costs. As this site will discuss, money is a tool. It’s like good health to the extent that we are concerned about it the most when we don’t have it. Money is important and it’s something we rely on every day. It’s the reward we get for our hard work and effort on a day to day basis.  Money can’t buy us happiness, but having it and using it in the best way possible will help bring us happiness by building the life we desire for ourselves and our loved ones. Build Financial Muscle is here to help you build your financial independence one step at time.

Make a Commitment to Get Financially Fit

The first principle may seem so simple and basic, but it is often the hardest one for people to deal with. You might even be thinking that you have tried this already.  It is so easy to procrastinate when it comes to money. Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies you will battle in building financial muscle.Money is probably a deeply emotional topic for you. Sometimes taking control of your finances means that you go face to face with some old baggage and decisions you regret. Perhaps you have always had someone else manage your money for you because you just do not like dealing with it. Other barriers might include fear, lack of confidence, or insufficient knowledge.

Your Relationship With Money Starts Young

There are studies show that your relationship with money is established at a young age. A Cambridge University study reveals that most habits are set by the age of 7! Your attitudes and beliefs toward financial matters are deep and are a product of your environment growing up. You may have inherited some of your attitudes towards money, but you do not have to stick to them if they are not working! The fact of the matter is money will always be a part of your life whether you like it or not. Either you manage your money, or it manages you. You are the one in charge of making decisions that lead to financial independence. That is why it is absolutely critical for you to establish guidelines on how to manage your finances and what you want out of them.

The commitment to taking meaningful action may be the hardest decision to make, but it is vital to building financial muscle that lasts. Once you start, you can move at a pace you feel comfortable through positive action and forward progress.

Build Financial Muscle for Life

The purpose of this site is to help you strengthen your financial muscle and build a firm foundation for a lifetime. Just like those people who flock to the gym every January to get fit, I know you have the desire to improve your money management and build solid long term habits. Combining good intentions with action and patience to overcome barriers is what leads to being financially fit. If you are ready to start, the Build Financial Muscle book series discusses all of these topics!

The barriers that prevent physical fitness are often the same ones that prevent financial fitness. Lack of a solid game plan, insufficient knowledge, limited patience, low endurance, and a negative attitude are things that lead to disappointing results. This site will help you overcome these barriers and give you a skill set that leads to success.

We live in a world full of promises of instant gratification and quick fixes. Habits and principles take time to develop and instill. Give these principles careful consideration and apply them in your situation. Once you get positive momentum, it is a great feeling. It is time to start – time to build financial muscle and get financially fit for life.


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