The Build Financial Muscle Book Series is a three-volume set that covers all aspects of financial health. The books will help you navigate all important areas of personal finance. Each volume is full of practical advice and discussion regarding the financial topics important to you.

Volume 1: The Foundation of Financial Muscle

The Foundation of Financial Muscle sets the cornerstone for a lifetime of financial fitness. The first volume discusses the emotions and attitudes around money and how you can identify our strengths and weaknesses. We also discuss how financial goals are the fuel to financial success.

Money affects all aspects of your life. It impacts your family life, relationships, friendships, and your career. It is critical to discuss the motivation and attitudes you have toward money. Once you get clarity on those important things, you can implement a solid plan based on your goals and desires.

Volume 1 covers questions such as:
What is your general attitude toward money?
How comfortable are you with financial topics?
What goals do you have for your finances and your future?
Does money hold you back in relationships and at work?

Volume 2: Financial Muscle in Action

Once you get clear on your outlook regarding money, you can start implementing your goals. Financial Muscle In Action discusses the things that you will financial decisions that you deal with on a daily basis

There are so many financial decisions you must make regularly. Some of them have small impact, while others have major long-term ramifications. How can you make decisions that align with your personal goals? This is where it is important to put your financial muscle in action!

Volume 2 covers questions such as:
What place do credit cards have in your wallet?
Is buying a house necessary for your long-term financial success?
How can you make sound decisions regarding car purchases?
When is the best time to start planning for education needs?

Volume 3: Financial Muscle for a Lifetime

The third and final book in the series Financial Muscle For A Lifetime discusses long term financial health, which is built through smart saving and investment planning. With all of the financial products available, it can be difficult deciding where to start.

Retirement planning is one of the most important aspects of a lifetime of financial fitness. It is never to early to start, especially in light of the difficulty many people are facing. We have a great problem in that we are living longer. However, that means we have to work harder than ever to plan for a successful future. Besides, you deserve to enjoy many years of financial independence.

Volume 3 covers questions such as: 
Have you given thought to retirement savings?
Where do you get information and advice for investing money?
Why is diversification so critical when building an investment plan?
How can you protect your assets and loved ones if something happens to you?

I am a Fee-Only Financial Planner and a certified personal trainer. I see so many similarities between maintaining physical health and achieving financial wellness. Combining my two main passions, I wanted to provide a platform for people like you who are committed to getting mastery over their money and building financial fitness for a lifetime.

I want to provide direction as we work together and get your finances into the shape of a lifetime. We can make quick progress, but remember that it takes time and discipline to achieve long term success. Money is a deeply personal topic for all of us. There is a lot of emotion around the subject of money. The books will help you navigate your own complex relationship with all types of financial matters. This is the start of financial success.

We live in a world where we are surrounded by instant gratification and quick fixes. Habits and principles take time to develop and instill. Give these principles careful consideration and apply them in your situation. You will be amazed at the results. It is time to start the workout – time to build financial muscle!