Build Financial Muscle was born out of my love for fitness and for personal finance. I previously worked as a full-time personal trainer and I really enjoyed the interaction with my clients and also serving their fitness needs. When I became a professional financial planner, I couldn’t help but notice there were so similarities between the obstacles clients faced in building a healthy body and also taking control of their financial situation.

I love writing and teaching others about personal money management, so in addition to fee-only financial planning, I wanted to provide other resources to help people achieve financial fitness. The Build Financial Muscle book series is designed to cover all the important topics I help clients with on a daily basis. Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp is an online course which covers those same topics through video lessons and lectures. My mission is to help everyone I can succeed with money and use it as a tool to live your life to the full.


All of us have a unique relationship with money and there is a great deal of emotion involved. It is critical to discuss these things early in the financial planning process. These early conversations help for a strategy and a blueprint for future success. I believe that with all of the challenges we all face these days, the need for proper financial planning is more critical than ever.

Communication and transparency are two qualities that I emphasize with clients. Communication requires that I ask the right questions and also explain everything involved in your personal financial plan. I put a strong emphasis on client education and thoroughly explaining the recommendations I make. Transparency means that you know exactly where your money is going and that we have a strategy for every dollar spent and invested.

When you become a client, we become partners in aligning your personal financial goals with the vision you have for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for an advisor you can trust, who values you and your success, and one who embraces technology and academic data to provide the best service possible, you have come to the right place. Forging long-term relationships with clients means a great deal. It is an honor to serve the financial needs of clients and one I take very seriously.

Most of my clients are busy professionals who want to go about the business of living their lives to the full rather than spending a great deal of time on their own financial needs. My goal as a planner is to take a complicated process and make it simple for you to understand. I also firmly believe in aligning your attitudes toward money and applying it to a sound investment strategy. Just like a good personal trainer, I will provide direction, accountability, and encouragement.

I want a lifetime of success and health for my clients. As a personal trainer, I served clients between 13 and 89 years old! It was such a joy to assist people through the various stages of fitness. It was especially thrilling to see those in advanced years still enjoying life to the full and making full use of their retirement years. I want you to build Financial Muscle for life and enjoy that same outlook.

If you are interested in taking your finances to the next level, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. I serve my financial planning clients through my firm Financial Muscle Planning, LLC.