Build Financial Muscle – S1 Episode #10

In this episode, I discuss being honest with yourself and coping with the art of self-deception! This is a fascinating topic when it comes to your fitness – physical and […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #9

Finding Success In the Age of Information Overload! This episode discusses the amazing amount of information available to us. You will read a variety of opinions on any subject imaginable. […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #7

Episode #7 of the podcast will address sticking points and how to work through them! Whether it’s going for a personal record on a lift, losing those last few pounds, […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #6

Welcome to the latest edition of the Build Financial Muscle podcast! I am going to talk further about a recent blog article entitled – “The Best $300 I Ever Completely […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #5

The attributes we need to achieve physical fitness apply to our finances as well. In this episode I discuss the key qualities you need to achieve success for your body […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #4

A workout partner can help take you to the next level of fitness. The same is true with your finances!  I’ll discuss the reasons you need a financial workout partner […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #3

Join us as we talk taxes with special guest Bill Kirkaldy from Macomb Income Tax! Bill is an IRS Enrolled Agent with a wealth on knowledge on tax strategies and […]

Build Financial Muscle – Episode #1

Welcome to the Build Financial Muscle Podcast! This episode will introduce you to my concepts of financial muscle and what I hope to accomplish with the podcast.