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BFM 026: Fear and Investing: How Can You Deal With It?

There is a lot of fear around investing. Many people are rightly concerned with market drops and economic slowdowns. However, fear can hold us back from building wealth. How can you deal with these emotions in the right way?

BFM 024: Protect Your Finances!

There are so many scammers out there trying to get their hands on your money. You need to pay constant attention to your financial information and make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands. Find out ways to protect you and your loved ones from scams and online hackers.  

BFM 023: Houses and Your Net Worth

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Find out how a house is tied so closely to net worth and why it is important not to be “house poor”!

BFM 021: Insurance Reminders

Insurance is one of the most important components of your financial plan. There are a lot of things to consider, so we will discuss it on this episode of the podcast!

BFM 020: IRA Accounts

Let’s talk IRA Accounts in this weeks’ episode of the podcast. IRA Accounts are incredibly important to the average American. Opening an IRA Account is a simple step and provides so many savings benefits. There are pros and cons to the various IRA accounts, so find out which ones are the best for you!   …

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BFM 019: Goal Based Investing – How Can You Set Solid Financial Goals?

Goal based investing is a popular term in the financial community. What are the advantages of this approach? I cannot overstate the importance of financial goals. Everything starts with the establishment and execution of your personal financial goals. You have to decide exactly what goal based investing means to you. My financial goals will be …

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