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BFM 016: Why Is It So Difficult To Talk About Money?

Most people would rather sit in a dentists’ chair than talk about money – why is it so difficult? We will discuss the emotional aspects of money in this podcast and how you can find ways to discuss money in a productive way!

BFM 013: The Mid-May Check Up

The month of May is typically a time where people struggle to maintain the momentum from the beginning of the year. How are you doing on your goals? Have you addressed some important financial items that require annual attention?  

BFM 012: Dumb Luck and Market Timing

I have had two times where I was successful in “timing” the stock market. How did I do it? I was fortunate. This episode discusses why the odds are against when you try to time the market and why a good consistent strategy in a well-diversified portfolio is your best chance for success!

BFM 011: Money Your Best Frenemy

Let’s talk about the best “frenemy” in your life – money! Your relationship with money can change forever when you decide who is in charge!

BFM 010: Overcoming the Art of Self-Deception

In this episode, I discuss being honest with yourself and coping with the art of self-deception! This is a fascinating topic when it comes to your fitness – physical and financial! Here is some reading for your reference: Money and the Art of Self-Deception Being Honest with Yourself is Hard  

BFM 009: Finding Success in the Age of Information Overload

Finding Success In the Age of Information Overload! This episode discusses the amazing amount of information available to us. You will read a variety of opinions on any subject imaginable. Find out ways to make decisions that work best for your circumstances.