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Build Financial Muscle is a real labor of love for me. I have such a passion for helping others reach their best shape possible. I think there are so many shared qualities between healthy physical habits and strong financial habits. Many of the obstacles that you face apply to exercise and nutrition in addition to managing your money! Over the years, I have heard many of the same concerns and frustrations from my personal training clients as I do with my financial planning ones. I want to use that knowledge and share strategies to help you reach all your important goals.

I have been interested in exercise for as long as I can remember. I grew up with asthma and several other health problems. I started a fitness routine in an effort to improve my overall health and well-being. Once I saw the benefits, I really became committed to regular exercise. For the last 25 years I have tried to maintain a routine of cardio and weight training in order to maintain a strong level of physical fitness.

Although I was also interested in investing and personal finance, it took me a long time to learn the fundamentals of managing money. I worked hard right out of high school but never learned how to save money. I was always in credit card debt and used to waste a lot of money on things I didn’t need. I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to improve but was not sure how to do it.

It was not until I was planning on getting married to my wife that I started to get serious about learning how to manage personal finances. I always tease my wife and say she married me for my money – unfortunately it was all debt! I remember reading my first book on managing money on our honeymoon. It helped me get a good perspective on combining our finances and attacking the credit card debt. When we paid off the final outstanding credit card balance a few months later it was an awesome feeling.

The next few years were full of trial and error when it came to financial decisions. We bought a house that not only needed a lot of work, but it required a lot of maintenance. For someone who did not have any handyman skills at the time, it was a challenge to say the least. My Dad got used to regular phone calls asking him to come over and help me fix something. Not only that, it was way too big for just my wife and I. We sunk a lot of money into that place, only to sell it a few years later just to get out from under the burden. I think Dad was happier than we were the day we closed on the sale!

I also started investing money shortly after our marriage. The first product we invested in was some mutual funds a friend of mine recommended. I had no idea what investments were in the funds nor did I realize the sky high fees associated with them. Around the same time, my wife and I went to a presentation with a “financial planner”. The meetings turned into a hardcore sales pitch and we were extremely turned off with the entire process. You can read about it here.

Despite those missteps, those experiences made me more determined than ever to learn everything I could about successful personal financial planning. I read every recommended book I could get my hands on. Along with reading books, I started scouring the internet for articles that were educational and informative. I did my homework on people considered experts in the field. When I saw advice from investment legends like Warren Buffett and Jack Bogle, I took it to heart and looked for ways to apply it.

As my financial knowledge grew, so did my desire to do something special with my career. I had already obtained my certification as a personal trainer, but I was really drawn to working as a financial planner. I really did not like my job or my career path, so I decided to go back to school and get the education requirements I needed. I began to look around the industry to find a good fit for my skills and desire to serve people. In the end I decided the best was to do this was to start my own financial planning firm.

Build Financial Muscle is a way for me to encourage people who are interested in physical fitness to take control of their money. If you can get into an exercise routine, you can apply the same principles to money. Building new habits takes time and discipline, but it is worth the effort. I want to make sure this is a place where we keep the message positive and the encouragement strong.

I want to help you avoid costly mistakes and misinformation. My goal is to provide direction and insight that gets you comfortable with a wide variety of financial topics. I want to help get clarity on your short and long term goals so you can plan appropriately. Finally, I want to provide direction and encouragement as you travel the road to success. A great deal of financial planning topics are not overly difficult, but the emotional aspects of money are very powerful.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you – let’s Build Financial Muscle together!


Please enjoy everything Build Financial Muscle has to offer. I look forward to interacting with you on the blog, podcast, and on social media. If you are interested in working with me one on one, please contact me at anytime!


Educational Background

  • Bryant University – Financial Planning Course (2016)
  • Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination , NASAA Series 65 (2016)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer (2014)
  • Charter Oak State College – Bachelors of Science in Business (2007)

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