Why "Financial Muscle?"

As a professional Financial Planner and a certified Personal Trainer, I see so many similarities between building a healthy body and obtaining financial success. Both take knowledge, discipline, goal setting, and consistency. Financial Muscle combines my passions for fitness and for personal finance, along with my desire to serve others.

Keeping Your Budget Lean and Mean

I firmly believe that knowledge is power. Two areas that aren't given nearly enough coverage in our schools is health and personal finance. Our greatest assets are our body and mind - if we nourish and take care of them with diet and exercise, we are equipped for success.

Unfortunately, many of us learn about finances the hard way. The vast majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and wonder how they'll ever get ahead. The financial industry may seem confusing and overwhelming, leaving people frustrated and wondering who to believe. Financial Muscle will give you the foundation you need when it comes to dealing with money. If you feel like a financial coach potato, don't worry!  Your checking account will go from flab to fab in no time.

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Trim the Budget

Learn techniques to cut the fat in your budget and get it into the best shape possible!

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Build Up Wealth

Arm yourself with the information you'll need to make smart and informed choices when it comes to saving and investing.


Enjoy the Trip

Life is a marathon and part of building Financial Muscle is to make sure you get adequate rest and recreation. Work hard and play hard!

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